Why do people choose to have an estate sale?

Estate Sales are the best way to liquidate either a portion of or the entire contents of a home quickly. The obvious reason for an estate sale is the unfortunate loss of a loved one, but people who are moving, downsizing, or simply redecorating will often choose to have an estate sale over trying to sell the contents themselves. Using an estate sale company lends validity to the items that are being sold and brings in a larger crowd that anticipates spending more money than if they are attending a sale that is not professionally conducted.

Why can’t I conduct an estate sale myself?

You can. But when you choose to have Triple R Estate Sales conduct your estate sale you are freeing yourself of the burden of not only having to set-up and host the estate sale, but also of asking either too much or too little for your belongings. We can take a realistic look at the contents of your home and get you top dollar while keeping the idea of liquidation in mind. We handle all advertising, credit card transactions, research and pricing, and staffing needs so that the weight is off your shoulders.