In Short:

  • Depending on the size of your estate, the entire set-up process can take between 1 – 2 weeks.
  • If you happen to already be in the process of selling your home, great. We work well with realtors and have even had a few hold an open house on the day(s) of a sale – a win-win! However, you will need to make sure to inform your agent of the sale and our access needs.
  • To prepare your home for an estate sale we will require a key and access to your property on a regular basis.
  • We photograph and post to the website items that we feel will help attract the most customers to your sale.  This typically includes posting a minimum of 200 photos.
  • For security reasons, we do not share the sale address until the morning before the first sale date. The only thing shared prior to that date is the city/town/state and any valuables (gold, sterling, coins, etc.) are secured offsite until the first sale day.
  • You will have a opportunity to specify a lowest price point for only those items you deem necessary.  Because of the extensive research we do on pricing your items, unless specified by you we do not negotiate prices on the first day of the sale.
  • We’ve been involved in this industry in one way or another long enough to have the appropriate resources to tap into if we come across something that may be unusual or foreign to us. This allows us to avoid situations where something is significantly underpriced during the sale.
  • Any discounted pricing on subsequent sale days will be discussed with you prior to advertising the information to our customers through our online platforms. Keep in mind our customers love to come the first day for things they really want – but our repeat customers come the second day to see what discounts we have to offer!
  • Our sales are generally two day events that take place on a Friday & Saturday. For larger estates, two weekends may be needed.
  • We will settle your balance within 5-7 business days from the last day we need access to your estate for working purposes and provide a professional settlement inventory as well.

In Depth: What is the process for hosting an estate sale?

Before the Sale
Triple R Estate Sales will need full access to your home for the weeks leading up to the sale so that we may organize the home into an attractive retail location. We price 95-98% of the items we find to get you the best financial return possible while keeping in mind your desire to downsize or liquidate. We supply all items needed to achieve this goal – display tables and coverings, jewelry cases, extra lighting, display racks, etc. This set-up and pricing process takes a lot of time and research, and requires that we spend many hours getting to know the contents of your home. We discuss the prices of big-ticket items with you and ensure any belongings you wish to keep are removed well before the sale. We work hard to fully satisfy you both before and during the sale.

During the Sale
The typical sale will run 1-2 days and depending on the size of your estate your sale could take place over two separate weekends. Triple R Estate Sales provides all the staff needed to ensure a smooth sale, with people constantly walking the home and helping customers, a cashier (or two) to handle all sales transactions, and when deemed necessary additional staff is hired to help with parking in congested areas and/or security.

After the Sale
Once the sale has ended a professionally prepared sales inventory will be provided to you along with your final settlement check. Please also keep in mind our customers tastes are as varied as the estate sales we’ve conducted; so it’s inevitable that there will be items that remain unsold. No need to worry, we can discuss options available to handle this situation.