We understand that it is difficult to part with your possessions. Whether you are wanting to downsize or liquidate an entire estate it can be a paralyzing experience. Our team of experienced, savvy people will turn your home into a stylized marketplace where everything is presented in the best light. We are organized, professional people who can help you tackle most any obstacle.

When we host a sale it is done within the residence from which the contents are being sold. We will ensure that all of your possessions are displayed in the best way possible. We price each and every item to get you the best financial return possible while keeping in mind your desire to downsize or liquidate. And we use various avenues to advertise your sale – bringing in antique dealers, collectors, and everyday people. While we are always seeing new faces at our sales, we have also developed a loyal following and therefore never “seed” sales with items that are not yours in order to attract customers.